What We Do

Our products and services have been refined over many decades of manufacturing. During this time we have utilised state-of-the-art technologies and developed our own purpose-built machinery. This ensures Mentis provides a quality product in the most efficient manner.


Revolutionary grating design
Grating engineered to carry loads with minimal dead weight, while maximising air flow and light penetration, grating is a world-renowned economical floor solution with aesthetic appeal. Mentis open-floor grating is manufactured to a quality standard that delivers resilience and craftsmanship, which defines industry standards


Lifesaving precision handrail systems
Designed to save lives and guide people traffic, ball-and-tube handrail accomplishes this by creating a safety barrier that reduces building loads with effective component design. The Mentis Handrail Systems are precision engineered for efficiency, as a fabricated complete or modular system, to solve the simplest or most demanding tasks.


Expanded metal is our passion
Mentis Expanded Metal has years of engineering DNA in every sheet, giving you the reassurance of performance and reliability every time. Expanded metal is the versatile material to solve industrial and architectural requirements through clever utilisation of profile and material.


Bespoke steel fabrication
Let Mentis bring your vision to reality with global manufacturing and fabrication facilities honed to provide specific solutions. Locally Mentis can provide simple solutions while leveraging off overseas facilities to suit higher demands.


Architectural capabilities
Mentis Oceania offers opportunities for cost effect,but highly innovative site platforms. Unique products such as Mentis Oceania Heel Guard give the Architect a system for providing safe non-intrusive, public access to environmentally or heritage sensitive sites. These products come in a range of materials from hot dipped galvanised steel to 316 stainless steel.


FRP capabilities
Mentis Oceania stocks FRP panels for direct sale to fabricators and manufacturers. FRP combines the best assets of Polymer and Glass fibers to form grating which resists both compressive and tensile forces well. FRP is also highly resistant to chemicals.